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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 2010 Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heading towards Wrestlemania 26 we had Randy Orton and the Undertaker as world champions. The only match we really knew was coming was a Shawn Michaels Undertaker rematch from Wrestlemania … Continue reading

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Do You Really Want To Be Tough Enough?

With the current crop of WWE’s up and coming talent largely coming from the indys(specifically Ring of Honor and Evolve/Dragon Gate USA) one begs the question what is the point … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania Milestone Pattern – Fans Get What They Want, But Then WWE Gets What They Want

Wrestlemania milestones have been pretty awesome. Every ten years it seems that the fans get their way for one night at least. The follow ups have been somewhat of a … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania Play Symbol Made Murkier By Raw Is Snore

After the debacle that was the Royal Rumble, WWE had to cancel their live Raw due to the north east snow storm and provided the world with a study show … Continue reading

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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 2015 BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, and yet the WWE has somehow disproved that statement as at two consecutive Royal Rumbles they have erred greatly in … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania 31 Card Prediction Pre-Royal Rumble

Wrestlemania 31 Card prediction time stamped 1/25/15 at 2:33PM EST the day of the Royal Rumble before the actual show. Rock VS Brock This match has been teased going back … Continue reading

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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 1997 BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a dark time for the Sports Entertainment empire. Wrestling was entering a hot period(what would grow into the hottest period ever for pro wrestling)largely due to the WWF’s … Continue reading

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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 1995 BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was promoted as the fastest Royal Rumble ever, with only sixty seconds in-between competitors entering the ring. This was perhaps an answer to the mind-numbing slowness of the 1994 … Continue reading

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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 2008 BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some years the WWE just seems to know what they’re doing and where they are going for Wrestlemania. Some years it is clearly evident that they have no clue. This … Continue reading

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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 2001 BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is wildly regarded as one of the greatest Royal Rumble’s of all time. It is the road to Wrestlemania 17 which is probably the biggest show in WWE/WWF history(sorry … Continue reading

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