The Clint Achilles Chronicles

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The Coming of the Tides

I don’t know what the problem is Boy they sure saw it coming There wasn’t anything they could do That foresight added up to nothing Hindsight maybe twenty/twenty But that … Continue reading

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Is There Life On Mars?

Sailors are fighting in dance halls Matt Damon is lost in space again And I’ve lost my sense of motivation Waiting for my heroes to visit me Now that they’re … Continue reading

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Van Damme-a-thon 2015: Pound of Flesh

Air is beautiful, yet you cannot see it. It’s soft, yet you cannot touch it. Air is a little like my brain. Which is a lot like a Van Damme … Continue reading

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May 4th Top Ten Star Wars Video Games

To celebrate Star Wars day I’ve gone down memory lane and reflected on hundreds(who am I kidding) thousands of wasted hours playing Star Wars video games. Here’s my top ten… … Continue reading

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Iceman Is Gay, And I Don’t Mean Happy

In the latest comic book publicity stunt, Marvel comics has allowed Brian Michael Bendis to “out” the Bobby “Iceman” Drake character as gay. This has been met with some mixed … Continue reading

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Do You Really Want To Be Tough Enough?

With the current crop of WWE’s up and coming talent largely coming from the indys(specifically Ring of Honor and Evolve/Dragon Gate USA) one begs the question what is the point … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania Milestone Pattern – Fans Get What They Want, But Then WWE Gets What They Want

Wrestlemania milestones have been pretty awesome. Every ten years it seems that the fans get their way for one night at least. The follow ups have been somewhat of a … Continue reading

March 25, 2015 · Leave a comment

Mid-card Mania Madness Wrestlemania 19

The Undertaker’s streak became one of the biggest things ever in Wrestlemania, but to get there it had to survive ten plus years of uselessness. Case in point Wrestlemania 19 … Continue reading

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Mid-card Mania Madness Wrestlemania 23

Vince McMahon loves big guys. There’s so many examples of this throughout his tenure as the main creative force of the WWF/WWE that I feel that no one with even … Continue reading

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Mid-card Mania Madness Wrestlemania 22

At Wrestlemania 20 Chris Benoit was in the main event wining the world heavyweight championship. At Wrestlemania 21 JBL was the world heavyweight champion dropping the belt to the then … Continue reading

March 9, 2015 · Leave a comment
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