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Mark X is about to Cross the Rubicon

Following the relative acceptance of Not What You Wanted To Hear, and the relative indifference to What You Get, Mark X is closing out the year 2016 with the final installment of what is being referred to as the Red Beard Trilogy.  Mark X is Crossing the Rubicon this December.  Longtime fans will be happy to know that “I’ll See You At The Four Seasons” will be included on the record along with a dozen other gems to seal the deal of the Mark X return to form.  Here’s a taste…

Kickstarter My Heart

You’re Pity Won’t Be Enough
I’ve Grown So Jaded I Know Not To Give A Fuck
I’ve Been Down For So Long
I Need Everyone To Pump This Up

Blood Is Pumping
But Nobody Is Home
This Vessel Is On It’s Own
A Pair of Helping Hands
Won’t Get The Job Done
I Need Understanding
From More Than One

I’m Sorry That You Couldn’t Find My Way
It’s A Clear Path But Most Stray
I’ve Been Walking For So Long
I Can’t Find Anyone To String Along

The Right Stuff

I’m A Slob But I Don’t Give A Fuck
I Broke All The Rules And I Run A Muck
It’s A Style And I’ve Seen Enough
I couldn’t Conform I Don’t Have The Right Stuff

It’s The Same Story That It Ever Was
When You Don’t Fit You’re Different
And The Pressure Starts
Will You Break Or Can You Walk Away
Most Can’t Do It They Stay To Fit In
They Don’t Have What It Takes


You’re Living In A Heightened State of Paranoia
Based On Your Fears And Insecurities
You Allow It To Dictate To You How Your Life
Is Going To Be

The Train Is Coming Down The Tracks
You Just Stand And Stare
Don’t Act Surprised
You Know What’s Going To Happen
Your Body Explodes
And The Train Keeps Going
It Didn’t Slow Down
Not Even For A Second

You Hate Yourself But Refuse To Change
And Blame It On Anxiety
You’re Waiting For The Train To Pick You Up
But It Won’t Be Stopping

Who’s Laughing Now

I Don’t Know What Happened This Time
Even Though I Remember Everything
I Must Not Be As Smart As You Thought
Or Maybe I Am And It’s Just A Game I Play
I Must Be Laughing To Myself

Nobody Can Be Sure Least Of All Me
Try Hard As You Might You Won’t Always Be Who You Wanted To Be
At The End Of The Day Did You Try
Did You Turn Your Back And Leave Them All Behind

Whose Going To Take The Blame This Time
Put It All On Me
I’m Tough I Know I Can Bare It
Or Maybe I Can’t
And I’m Crumbling On The Inside
Don’t Worry I’m Already Rebuilding


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