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Mark X is “What You Get”

Written and recorded in under three days, Mark X returns with a blistering offering that is his second record in the year 2016.  There’s no time to think about it, no second guessing, no over analyzing, hell no analyzing at all.  When you put it out there as it comes to you, with no regard to a plan or an outline, well, this is “What You Get.”

Stream the entire record here!!!

I Met Her In A Graveyard

I met her in a graveyard
By The commissary
Why was I in a graveyard
Now that’s a story
I told her I like coffee
But she drinks tea
If we got together
Oh what a mess we would be
We started arguing
About the way things should be
It’s only been five minutes
And it’s over already
I hit her in the head with a shovel
And now she’s dead
But I’m in a graveyard
So it’s not that bad

Get Off the Grid

I wonder if you’re still alive
Staring at your phone all the fucking time
This world would be better if it shut down
You hate yourself and don’t know why
You post pictures all the fucking time
And think that justifies your bullshit

Smash your phone, Unplug your Wifi
Get off your ass, Live Your Life

You feel so much better with all these likes
Like it means anything in this life
It’s a sad sorry state of affairs
I miss the time when I didn’t have to know
What everyone thought about every thing
Now I know Everyone is stupid
Drink Your Drink

Drink your poison Swallow the lies
Treat it as your new gospel
You have nothing but weakness in my eyes
Try and convince me
Convert me to your religion
In this regard I’ll be an atheist
Until the day I die

I guess some things never change
You’re uncomfortable because I don’t fit
In your mold well fuck your questions
I don’t have to explain jack shit

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

Look out, the Joker’s back in town
He cut the power the signal doesn’t work
Bruce Wayne’s on vacation in Japan
You’re out of luck You stupid fucking jerks

Now that the jokes on you
It Ain’t so funny
But I’m Gonna Laugh Anyways
It’s kind of funny
From my perspective
Not that you would see it that way

Look out Green Goblin’s everywhere
Earth’s Mightiest Just Don’t Fucking Care
There off in space Duking it out
Now you’re fucked, It’s A year Long Event

There’s no excuse this time
Not when you’re stuck in real life
No one’s coming to save you
Now Want are you gonna do

You Wanna Play 21

I’m down on my ass
Couldn’t get on my knees
This is about as close as it gets
I won’t beg and I won’t plead
This is all you’re gonna get

I’m sorry things didn’t go as you planned
Well welcome to the club
I’m sorry I’m a bit of a disappointment
When others can’t get enough

I’m up on my feet standing tall
Reaching for the sun
You’re so deep that I can’t reach
And You’ll never drag me down far enough

It was the best deal you’re gonna get
But you doubled down and then you bust

Know Your Audience

I Should Have Known Better
This Isn’t My First Dance
Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself
I Had To Take My Chance

So It Wasn’t What You Wanted To Hear
I Guess Now You Know How I Feel

So Here I Stand Over Exposed
The negative Lost But The Picture Remains

By All Means
So You’re gonna do whatever you wanted to
Without regard to what I said to you
And you think you got me at your beck and call
I’ll be laughing While I watch you fall

I tip my hat and nod and smile
As I let you walk on by
Hold my hand up in the air
You have my permission to fly

You think you can get away with it
Like the rules don’t apply
Hate to be the one to break it down to you
But just like everyone else one day you’re gonna die


I’m not mad I just don’t care
Not sure which is better(worse)
To say it’s not fair

Oh how you came to despise Your own prison
Made by your own design
What did you think would happen
You built your own trap

Oh you got so angry
When the dominoes fell
You set them up yourself
What the fuck did you expect

Killer Frost

Turn down the heat turn up the cold
Don’t question me bitch do what you’re told
Turn down the heat turn up the cold
Doesn’t matter what you think this has already been sold
Turn down the heat turn up the cold
We don’t have anymore time we’re already too old

Why is it so hot in here
Is this my living hell
The sweat stings my eyes to shit
Now I can’t even tell
What’s right in front of me
But does it even matter
I can’t think straight anymore
I need to chill out

What happened, Will we ever know
My Sweat freezes and now I’m so cold

Use A Lifeline

I Don’t think you get it am I still speaking a language you comprehend
Because I think I could teach the fucking wall
Before you will ever understand
Will you ever understand

I think you’re experiencing a fundamental disconnect from reality
With what you think you’ll get out of this
Life you’ve overestimated your worth
You’re not entitled to anything you didn’t earn

I tried to help you but you don’t listen
You are stubborn to a fault
You got it all figured out for yourself
and you don’t need anyone else
You don’t need any help

Thanks Undertaker

It’s the gift that keeps on giving
It’s a wound that never heals
I’m just so grateful
That I know I can still feel
I thought I had Grown numb
To this suffering
As it turns out that was a dream
The pain is everlasting

The choices we make will last a lifetime
But don’t let that affect your bottom line
Carry those mistakes as a reminder
That you did the things that others couldn’t do

This Pain is everlasting
I wouldn’t want it any other way
Life is suffering

King of All Bastards

I’m not your pet, I’m not your king
I’m not your anything, I’m a human being
Or close enough That you outta respect
All of my boundaries That society put in check

I won’t be held accountable
For all the things I’ve never done
But for all of this I’m guilty
Because you know I had my fun
So say a prayer Or sing a song
I hope it was all worth it
Don’t look to me it’s your job to look strong

Hail Hydra

Hey What Gives you the right
To try and change our minds
alteration Gives Way to spite
That’s When I bid you a good night

Well I guess I had you all fooled
But what are you gonna do
I never misrepresented my intentions
You projected onto me what you wanted

So it’s all my fault you misunderstood
All the things that I tried to tell you
Your eyes only see what they want to see
And now the truth just seems so absurd


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