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Mark X is Not What You Wanted To Hear

It’s been three years since Agent Like Whine was released to a tepid response.  Mark X is now back with his latest, Not What You Wanted To Hear.  This fourteen song demo was put together over the first three and a half months of 2016 and is a call back to the days of the much loved(or was it loathed) Mark X trilogy of 2006(yeah that was totally a decade ago, I’m old now).  He’s out of tune, out of practice, and with no second takes, the mistakes are a plenty, but this is punk rock, that’s half the charm.  So Enjoy, or Destroy!  I don’t care either way.

Stream The Record Right Here!



The Coming of the Tides

I don’t know what the problem is
Boy they sure saw it coming
There wasn’t anything they could do
That foresight added up to nothing

Hindsight may be twenty/twenty
But that don’t explain your premonition
Knowing the future won’t stop it from happening
The inevitable will keep on coming

So you got your fortune read
And now you think you got it covered
But You’re just exposed
A raw nerve opened up to the world

Is There Life On Mars?

Sailors are fighting in dance halls
Matt Damon is lost in space again
And I’ve lost my sense of motivation
Waiting for my heroes to visit me
Now that they’re all ghosts.

Somewhere in Colorado
There is a sea of top hats
But I’ll never find it
For fear of crossing
A black cat’s beaten path

The duke is dead
The Guild has fallen
Stand tall in shadows
That’s no way to live anymore

Cavemen are killing astronauts
Ben Afleck thinks he’s a super hero again
And I’ve found a sense of purpose
From these villains that won’t let me alone

No comfort in the darkness

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

My heart could beat through my chest
I feel the blood pumping
The taste of adrenaline
This is a fight worth fighting
I can’t go one more inch
But I’m still in it enough to win it
Go down burning in flames
Laughing while I’m losing

You could never break me
No, you could never break me
I see you staring, you can’t understand the reasons
You could never break me

They Asked me to bend my knee
Well not really but so to speak
I just couldn’t bring myself to do it
I would not submit
Out come the chains
And they brandish their whips
I smile through the pain
The look on their faces is priceless

You could never break me
No, you could never break me
No Matter What you do, I’ll find my strength to pull through
You could never break me

Story Time

Hey kid tell me a story go ahead
I’m all ears, I’m listening
Might as well just get it over with
I know all the words that you’ve been thinking
Don’t leave it up to imagination
To fill in those gaps minus reason
The truth has been known to set people free
And you’ve been living in a prison

I’ve heard this one before
It’s a tale all too familiar
Save your breath I know where it’s going
I don’t want to hear another word

So you had to go and fill your mouth with lies
Instead of owning up to what happened
You thought I would just let you skate by
And accept it as gospel
Well I’m sorry but you’re logic doesn’t fly
I’m a lot of things but I’m not stupid
This affront is nothing but an insult
And I’m not gonna just stand by

No End In Sight

Ride off into the sunset
You’ll disappear at the horizon
This day ends and the credits roll
But your life is no movie

There is no happy ending
No rest for the wicked or the weak
Sure as the sun falls it will rise
And tomorrow will bring a new reason to ride

Ride on and you’ll find the sun
But you’ll never reach that horizon
This journey never ends until it’s too late
You’ll keep traveling it anyways

Permisson To Speak Freely

Go ahead and call me a monster
Just because I don’t agree
WIth how you see things
Walk a mile in my shoes
Hell you won’t make it three feet
Seeing things the way I see

I look you up and down and I’ll tell you what I see
All your weakness
And you want to tell me how I should be
Where’d you get the gumption

I call it like I see it and now you think I’m rude
A little more than uncouth
I don’t subscribe to society’s rules
I’ll cacth you on the flipside

Jack Hawksmoor’s Feet

I Feel the Pulse Through the Souls of My Feet
As I Walk Down These Storied City Streets
You Might Miss Me As I’m Passing BY
But I Don’t Know Man, I Just Don’t Know Why
I’ve Learned Enough Not TO Question The Fact
When You Are Lost You Got To Get Back On Track
Don’t Look To The Stars You Better Watch Your Steps
Because This City Gives Just As Good As It Gets

But I Won’t Let It Bring Me Down
May Not Be What You Want To Hear
But It Rings True

It’s Not My Problem
And I Fail To Notice
How I Owe You Anything
I’m Busy Walking
Bear Your Own Burden
I’ve Got My Own Crosses To Bury

They Ripped Out My Guts And Filled Me With Ash
And I Might Have Been Dead But I Came Back
Now I’m More Alive Than I’ve Ever Been
But No One Here Seems To Want To Follow The Trend
I’m Living Against The Grain
Struggling Every Single Step Of The Way
But I Feel The City Through The Soles Of My Feet
And I Keep On Matching To My Own Beat

Riddle Me This

You want to know where I’ve been
Well I’ve been around
I’m everywhere and nowhere
At the same time in this town
I’ll be on your shoulder
Whispering in your ear
The Pat on the back when you need it
I am always near

For a man of mystery he sure does talk a lot
There’s not much left to sort out
It’s no mystery I’ve figured out the plot
But I still can’t turn away

Save your questions for later
There’s nothing to talk about
You won’t like the answers anyways
And it doesn’t matter
Don’t think too hard
Everything comes with time
Your struggle isn’t over
This is just the begining

The Black Freighter Awaits

I’m lost at sea
Water surrounds me
It’s all my eyes can make out
The current carries me
Makes my desicions for me
I go where it takes me

This has been my sword
I live and die by it

The gulls circle overhead
They’re waiting for me to be dead
I don’t know how to quit
The stars at night so bright
The sun by day my nemisis
The moon my only friend

This is my sword I live and die by it
I will make it back home
Oh the sharks can want but they’ll never claim me
Black sails will bring my destiny

I’m lost at sea
Water surrounds me
It’s all my eyes can make out
My destionation sought
All the hell I’ve wrought
I won’t be denied


What a horrible night to have a curse
To repeat this pattern
I lIve, I die, I live once more
Here in my never ending war

The sun has vanquished the horrible night
It’s just a repreive from an unending blight
Grey skies in this mounring don’t mean a thing
I am a warden of perpetuality

My enemies will never die I kill them one by one
Piece them back together for another round of fun
I guess I can’t complain Now
I’m the architect of my own demise
I build it back up every single fucking time

I’ll see your wager and I’ll raise you ten
Hey, fuck it, I’m all in
When I crash and burn I will rise again
Pieced back together by my enemies
So I can die again

Penance Stare

I like to think that I’m a simple man
With simple tastes easy to understand
But that’s a lie I tell myself everyday
I’m just as complex as they like to say
I love the chaos
We like to think all kinds of things

I don’t know what the fuck it is you’re trying to prove
Living your life like you only want to have nothing to lose
So if it’s a game you want to play better pick solitaire
I’m not playing along anymore I don’t have the time to spare

Another shot taken right where it counts
I may be down but I’m never out
Back on my feet off of my knees
You don’t have to look closely to see me bleed
I like the taste
Look in my eyes and know my pain


So you’re gonna catch me as I fall
Well I’m sorry but I’m headed for ground
Speeding and careening at terminal velocity
But when I hit I don’t make a sound

Watch me as I slip away
I said watch me
There’s nothing left to say

I slide back and forth so easily that’s it’s hard to tell
I need to be anchored down
Or else I’m going to be climbing right back up again
And then it’ll be another fall

We can pretend it won’t happen again
But that’s not the way the cookie crumbles
Maybe we can be greater than the sum of our parts
If only we can keep from falling apart

The Gentleman Bastard

Is it the memories that keep you up at night
Or the hope of what could be

He paved the way with good intentions and he ended up in hell
Living in a self impossed purgatory there’s not much left to tell

Always managed to say the right thing but it doesn’t mater
He was doomed from the opening gate
This race he chose to run can’t be won
This poor bastard resigned to his fate

So he just keeps soldiering on in his life in hell
Never comprising and sticking to his guns, he will fight until the final bell

He will fight on and on no matter what it takes
Sacrificing everything to justify his beliefs.

Let Bygones Be Bygones

I’m a man out of time with all the time in the world
The last of my kind when I move on we’ll be extinct
Because I come from a bygone era
I don’t belong here in your scene
I keep moving closer to the door now
Make my escape back to the streets
I go unnoticied in my travels
Like a ghost I’m a faded memory
I come from a bygone era
And you’ll never know me

What happened to the rage
What happened to the fun
These words can’t be trusted
This music was never loved
Where am I supposed to go
Now that they’re all dead
I feel so alone
With the voices in my head
What happened to the love
Where did I go wrong
Singing my songs
I never belong


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