The Clint Achilles Chronicles

Now In Color!

Jack Hawksmoor’s Feet

I Feel the Pulse Through the Souls of My Feet
As I Walk Down These Storied City Streets
You Might Miss Me As I’m Passing BY
But I Don’t Know Man, I Just Don’t Know Why
I’ve Learned Enough Not TO Question The Fact
When You Are Lost You Got To Get Back On Track
Don’t Look To The Stars You Better Watch Your Steps
Because This City Gives Just As Good AS\s It Gets

But I Won’t Let It Bring Me Down
May Not Be What You Want To Hear
But It Rings True

It’s Not My Problem
And I Fail To Notice
How I Owe You Anything
I’m Busy Walking
Bear Your Own Burden
I’ve Got My Own Crosses To Bury

They Ripped Out My Guts And Filled Me With Ash
And I Might Have Been Dead But I Came Back
Now I’m More Alive Than I’ve Ever Been
But No One Here Seems To Want To Follow The Trend
I’m Living Against The Grain
Struggling Every Single Step Of The Way
But I Feel The City Through The Soles Of My Feet
And I Keep On Matching To My Own Beat


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