The Clint Achilles Chronicles

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Battle Royal Rumble Mega Match Meltdown 2010 Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heading towards Wrestlemania 26 we had Randy Orton and the Undertaker as world champions. The only match we really knew was coming was a Shawn Michaels Undertaker rematch from Wrestlemania 25. It was just a matter of how we were going to get there. When Undertaker beat Rey Mysterio on the undercard everyone kind of figured that Michaels would be winning the match. Well that didn’t happen, and for that matter, Edge who did win, didn’t end up wrestling Undertaker or Randy Orton. He wrestled Chris Jericho for the title. And Batista wrestled John Cena. Randy Orton, well he ended up in a wacky three way with Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. That being said, this rumble is great. It’s one of the best ever actually.

Standout Performance – I really want to tell you that it was CM Punk, because the first third of this rumble featured straight edge Jesus Cm Punk eliminating people and then getting on the microphone to preach his gospel. However, Shawn Michaels gives a career performance in this one going twenty plus minutes and just owning this match from the moment he entered it.

Surprises – Ironically the two surprise entrants were Edge and Beth Phoenix(the two ended up being a real life couple and have a child together). Phoenix, from my own hometown of Buffalo, missed her time by a few years, as at the time she was by far the best female wrestler in the company and would have fit in great with the current NXT women’s division. In the rumble she was regulated to a goofy comedy spot with the Great Khali(a real shame). Edge, on the other hand, came back early from an Achilles tendon injury, and won the whole thing.

The No Chance In Hell Winner – This year goes to JTG, who despite somehow keeping his job for years for reasons that remain a mystery to this day, came in to only be eliminated by CM Punk in seconds.

Most Memorable Moment – The Shawn Michaels elimination is the stuff of legend. Shawn was bound and determined to wrestle Undertaker at Wresltemaina in an attempt to beat the streak. Shawn was on fire, super kicking and elbow dropping John Cena, Dave Batista, and Edge. When Shawn found himself on the apron alongside Edge, he super kicks Edge back into the ring, but from the shadows comes big Dave to hit Shawn from behind and then punch his hands causing Shawn to fall to the floor and seemingly kill his chances of getting his rematch against then champion undertaker. What follows is just off the charts. The look on Shawn’s face speaks volumes. The heartbreak kid has been heartbroken. And now someone has to pay. Shawn kills two referees before finally accepting that it’s over and walks to the back enraged.

What To Watch For – Dolph Ziggler and Even Bourne are awesome but unfortunately they’re short so they most get thrown out immediately, but it’s by CM Punk so it’s all good, Punk owns this match for ten minutes, here comes Zack Ryder and Punk thinks he has potential, Ryder(after hearing the brass ring speech) falls for it, but just like WWE management, Punk is just feeding him a line of s@#! and bops him in the head with a microphone before dumping over the top, Punk is getting over huge, he could be the next big star, so here comes Triple H to cut him off and subsequently bury his ass by tossing him minutes later, these rumble time periods are suspect, Shawn and Triple H may have to go at it, oh no, here comes Cena, double five knuckle shuffle(you’re going to go blind John boy), apparently the Miz and MVP had some kind of big feud going on at the time that I have absolutely no memory of whatsoever, the people love Matt Hardy, so he’s tossed immediately, oh my god Butch Reed is still wrestling and he looks great, oh, never mind it’s Shelton Benjamin, Shawn attempts to channel the ghost of Chris Benoit to eliminate Big Show but no such luck, R-Truth eliminated Mark Henry and Big Show at the same time?, Kofi Kingston is awesome, Edge looks like he’s been living on a mountain for the past eight months(strike that, he was living on a mountain for the past eight months) epic beard bro.


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