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The Lariat – Kenny King’s Awesome Adventure

TNA Impact Wrestling Matters show(or whatever I’m supposed to call it, it’s not NWA anymore right?) has recently begun to show vast improvements to their product. It’s done this in a very nontraditional way, by tightening up story-lines and allowing long-term plans to develop while emphasizing the in ring action. In the modern era of pro wrestling it seems that the Vince Russo method of smash TV(not the kick ass arcade game, but rather the incoherent mess that was Impact) was the norm. The idea that controversy and shock TV equals ratings and growth. The current TNA product has definitely shied away from that, of course that makes the most recent episode stand out. We got ourselves a good old school pro wrasslin’ controversy when current Ring of Honor tag team champion Kenny King appeared on Impact.

Kenny King, who started his career on MTV’s Tough Enough(Mike Tenay made mention of it on commentary in a roundabout way, and Taz either didn’t pick up on it, or doesn’t know about it because by that time he had been replaced by Bob Holly as the tough guy trainer). King lost out to Linda Miles and Jackie Gayda(now wife of Charlie Haas, one of the men who dropped the ROH belt to him). I don’t think anyone with the benefit of hindsight can justify that decision, as King has stuck with wrestling and developed into a pretty good wrestler in his own right. He took part in a match with Johnny Yuma(of PWG Rockness Monsters fame, renamed the laughable Lars Only) in a match that was kind of sloppy and not all that impressive. He did redeem himself with a decent post match interview and then a backstage segment with Austin Aries that was a bit of a little middle finger to Ring of Honor. I did get a kick out of it, as I can remember Aries in his waning days with ROH being presented as King and Rhett Titus(his tag team partner)’s manager, wearing a leisure suit coat and carrying around a masterpiece theater type pipe. Something tells me that Jim Cornette didn’t find any of this funny.

Ring of Honor almost immediately issued a press statement via facebook(got to love that social media) essential firing King. I found this odd for several reasons. The first being that their statement clearly stated that King was no longer under contract, and depending on how you take their statement, had only agreed to an extension in principle, refusing to sign it before his lawyer looked it over. Maybe King was on a verbal agreement, and maybe he wasn’t, either way, he didn’t sign anything and even told the company according to their own statement that he had to show it to his lawyer before he agreed to it. Another thing that rubbed me wrong about it is that this is the same company that only a week ago brought in Silas Young, who then no-showed three Evolve shows that he was advertised for, of which I am sure he at least verbally agreed to wrestle on. I guess it’s OK for Sinclair Broadcasting to screw over Gabe Sapolsky, but when Impact does the same thing it’s a different story all together.

With Ring of Honor haven’t the problems that they are, I can’t blame King for going to TNA. I can blame Ring of Honor for handling it the way they are. When Mike Awesome showed up on WCW Nitro with the ECW world title, did Paul Heyman fire him via his AOL account? Hell no. He forced Mike Awesome to drop the title to Taz, a then WWF employee. As crazy as that sounds, Taz then lost clean to then WWF World Champion Triple H(as if you couldn’t have guessed) on national television, before dropping the title to Tommy Dreamer. Funny enough, not even Vince McMahon can justify how jobbing out the ECW champion clean on national television helped ECW(he so much as says so with a chuckle on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD). However, I got to say, this is how you handle these types of situations in pro wrestling.

Really, Ring of Honor should have brought Kenny King in to drop the titles to the Kings of Wrestling Chris Hero and Claudio Castignoli(now WWE wrestlers Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno). The Kings could then lose clean on Raw to Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in a five minute comedy match before dropping the belts to the Briscoes at a television tapping in Baltimore. Seconds later, in an impromptu match, Mark and Jay could lose the belts to Kyle O’Riely and Davey Richards. Meanwhile, Kenny King would become that 80’s guy in TNA and chase after soccer mom’s who fall in love with him after seeing his chip and dale dance routine. I keep hearing how wrestling is cyclical and yet none of this is happening to my dismay. Instead we’re just going to get King most likely winning the X division title, Ring of Honor holding some kind of tournament, and the Kings of Wrestling are never going to get reunited, not even to have a five minute comedy match on Raw. I like my idea better. And I know what your thinking, but the fact is, just like Bruno, no matter how many times Triple H calls me the answer is going to be no, I will not join the WWE creative team.


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